far flung friday: other peoples worlds

up until a few months ago, the only thing i knew about blogging….was it existed. i hadn't read a single blog until the day i created mine. but then i discovered this whole new world and i was instantly hooked. i don't know why, but i think people that blog are just so cool (unfortunately i do not include myself in this category)...perhaps it's their ability to be vulnerable or the fact they can take the mundane and make it extraordinary. and it seems strange to write and (and i bet even weirder to read) but i like reading the blog lives of women i don’t know....not the pretty picture blogs and the fashion blogs but the ones where the women have something to say. even if it’s just they love doodling art in their barn on sundays and parenting is freaking hard.

if they say it with individual spunk….as only they can...then they have me.

well i found one today that i like. i like her voice, i like her sweet husband and i like their video…an average summer in their lives….. with a surprise ending…..  http://aurajoon.blogspot.com/

oh and i like the song too…..

Summer Adventures from Aura on Vimeo.

and speaking of other peoples worlds....here is the trailer for the serge gainsbourg movie - Gainsbourg (Vie Heroique) - which i plan to rent as soon as possible

all this poking into other lives brings up one big question...does this mean i am in fact somewhat of a voyeur?  of am i just a narcissistic, stalker with a mild case of adhd?

~ mrs m

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