far flung friday: backyard luv

my mum & dad are on their way up for a visit...at this very moment :)... so imagine my smile when i saw this image over at http://reverie-daydream.blogspot.com/.

fitting, right?

ok, back to work before the rents get here and mr c and i get to show them our lovely new digs. 

but wherever you are...
i'm wishing you a stunning fall weekend filled with the people and things you luv the most.

muah ~ mrs m

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Simply Mel said...

Hello MRS!

I'm finally getting around to saying hi after you left the fabulous comment in regards to your family and the significance of this scale! WOW ~ 6 degrees of separation never ceases to amaze me! How very cool! Knowing a bit more of its history makes me love it just that much deeper.