true blood

all this vampire fever has me wondering,
are they real?

while i can't be proof positive about the blood sucking kind,
i am 100% sure the emotional kind exist.

how do i know this?
i work with one.

my co worker...
definately shooting for evil.

here's an average morning:
me, bright,smiley and appropriately shine-y (?): 
"good morning nameless colleague (nc), how was your evening?"

to which nc, not bothering to look in my direction
 "i hate it when you're in before me, it throws off my whole day"

or this exchange:

"i don't really like what you posted on our social media site" 

me, trying my hardest to be super accomidating in the face of
such wonderful and positive energy:
 "grrrrreat, so i'm more than happy to put something up 
you would like.  suggestions?"

"no suggestions, just not what you put up."

i could go on....
 about how she got our boss fired.
prefers to sit in total darkness.
insists on some 007 computer cover
so no one can see what shes "working on"
mumbles to herself
sucks coffee, water, soup anything....through a straw
or how she doesn't like....well, anyone

but all that i can handle...really
it's the total pessimism, the total negativity,
the stone cold bitchiness i can't abide.

i have been troubled by this
i have taken this personally
i have tried to win her over

tonight, i am done with vampires
(with a small exception for bill and edward)
tonight i say

some people just like being miserable

i'm just glad i'm not one of them

feelings found here 


sweetbittertart said...

Well done! Don't let your coworker bring you down. Stay happy. : )

Princess and the Peace said...

Ew! Her energy sounds awful. Would smudging her every morning be too obvious?