far flung friday: day dreamin

she turned the handle
lifted her face
and let the last few drops
rain down upon her lips.

padding softly into her room…
towel a forgotten heap upon the floor
she gravitated towards the light.

standing in a sunbeam
softly slicing its way across the room
she paused and
as the gentle warmth spread all the way down
 to her perfectly painted toes.

in that instant
the pure potential of the day took her breath away....

a juicy peach
bright red lipstick

music floating down from a third story window

stolen kisses on a park bench
colored boats upon a lake, a farmers market

copper wishes tossed into fountains,
ice tea in a garden and lunch in a park,
tangerine sunsets

breathtaking sights
soft clean sheets

...she slid the dress over her head,
smiled as she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror….
and with her heart beating just a little bit faster
skipped quietly out the door.

no matter where you are…live deeply.
~ m

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Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

love every. single. word. beautiful post!